Tatiana Rubec Giametti

Born in Germany of Russian heritage, Tatiana R. Giametti graduated with Bachelor of Science in Art Education from New York University. She also studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center.


Travel is a passion for me as well as my art. I suppose that living in a landlocked state such as Colorado, I seek out water as inspiration in travel and as a counterbalance in my paintings. I like the fact that 360 to 320 million years ago, Colorado was under a broad ocean. I think we are all inspired by water, especially the ocean; being near it, playing in it, swimming in it. For me, painting water; the patterns, light and color is exciting, and the memories of being submerged while diving puts me in a meditative state. It’s a feeling of calm, satisfaction in the moment and exhilaration. Just as physically immersing oneself in water can feel, painting can also when one gets in the “flow”. If I can bring attention to our love of ocean and of how our “civilization” is putting our oceans at risk, that is a major bonus.


My work might be described as “transitional”. I like to approach the painting abstractly, but suggestive of nature. I start out with one of my underwater diving photos for a general idea, but then see where the painting spontaneously takes me. I expect my work to be viewed from a distance , so the patterns can be seen as a whole and the eyes complete the picture. I work in oil pastels on paper and also paintings in mixed media with acrylics, oil sticks and collage on canvas. 




        Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Collection, Boston, MA

        Massachusetts  General Hospital, Boston, MA

        Maui Westin Hotel and Spa, Maui, HI

        J.P.M.A, Inc., Lakewood, CO

        Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras